Welcome to AppSec Labs

AppSec Labs is an expert application security company, whose mission is a proactive attitude towards application security.

We provide a full cycle of application security services starting from the initial design stages through the full development lifecycle providing analysis, training and testing services to assure the production of optimally secured applications.

Our services focus on secure coding consultationadvanced training programs and advanced application penetration testing.

AppSec Labs services are lead by Erez Metula, a world renowned application security expert and an accomplished secure development professional, lecturing regularly at major international security conferences and the author of the book Managed Code Rootkits.

Our experience has been gathered over many years of servicing various clients of all sizes around the globe, in helping them understand and countermeasure application security threats.

AppSec Labs’ main resource is its high level of expertise in identifying security vulnerabilities, implementing secure development practices in complex applications, and the in-depth knowledge needed for integrating security at the code level.

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