Application Security Academy

AppSec Labs offer a variety of courses and seminars in application security while focusing on secure software development in the real world. Our dynamic training programs enable our clients to enjoy a tailor-made course, including customized course content pertaining to your real-time needs.

Our training team possesses a lethal combination of abstract knowledge and hands-on experience, which are complimented by an advanced training platform.

* Our courses are available either on-site or by live remote trainer sessions.

Hands-On Labs & Virtual Machines

In order to minimize the gap between academic knowledge and the real world, we have developed a unique cloud-based environment. This enables our students to practice what they learned in our course and gain hands-on experience. Using this methodology we provide our students with a robust training experience and the tools to incorporate secure coding best practices in their daily work.

Each student will get access to a personal virtual machine which comes fully prepared for them the simply connect and start working on the lab assignments, touching real code and real apps.

In depth, quality materials customized to customer needs.

 World renowned instructors with vast hands-on experience.

Emphasis on high technological level and hands-on exercises.

 The course curriculum includes a multitude of real life examples of problems and successful solutions.

 Flexibility in course setup – customize the training program according to customer needs.

 Real time solutions and consultancy with the lecturer.

 Course participants will receive a “tool box” which will serve them after course completion.

 Dynamic and enjoyable atmosphere.

 Upon completion the students will be tested.