Getting to know our experts: Chilik Tamir

Over the last few years AppSec Labs has been building a strong reputation for excellence in the field of Application Security. We offer services including pen-testing and full code review. As we’ve grown we’ve increased our experience, branching not only from pen-testing, but to in-company training and e-learning. We’ve developed a product line in e-learning which we are selling world-wide, and we’re expanding our market.

So, it’s about time that we show you who we are and what motivates us to do what we do. This will be the start to a few blog interviews letting you (our community) get to know us (your community) BETTER. We hope you enjoy hearing more about us and we look forward to hearing more from you.

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Author: Jessie A. Pincus, International Sales Director and Academic Director, AppSec Labs

Getting to Know our Experts:

Chilik Tamir, Chief Scientist, AppSec Labs

Question: How did you originally get into the field of Cyber Security?
Chilik: It was a hobby that became a job.  I saw the WarGames movie back in the 1980’s and it intrigued me.

Question: Since you focus your research on the Apple iOS platform, what do you see as its main vulnerabilities, and where has it improved or made changes to compensate?
Chilik: Apple is beginning to implement security features that are set to ‘ON’ as the default setting, instead of relying on developers to officially turn them on. The pairing notification message and the protection class encryption are enabled by default. Until iOS 7 they weren’t enabled by default.

Question: What aspect of the field of Cyber Security initially grabbed your attention and made you say “I want to work in that field.”?​

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